Our Presenters

Nigel Thomas - creator of the Surrey Hills Soul Train has a passion for real soul music since I was 15 years old. My aim is to bring a fresh new station that plays a variety of shows that is different to the rest, support me & the station to make it happen!

Franklin Sinclair  - began as a mobile DJ in 1975 after having formed a love of 70’s Soul music. In the 80’s he worked in a number of nightclubs in  Manchester. Became a  successful lawyer in the 90s. Every week he compiles the Soul Connoisseurs Chart which came be heard 7pm on Monday & Thursday at 1pm

Chris Clay  - presenter of The Indie Soul Countdown from USA on Tuesday at 1pm & Sunday at 2am, Chris has been in the industry for 32 years,  grew up in a home that was filled with music.  He is now the main anchor for Soul Cafe Radio based in NY.  In two years, its now number 1 for indie soul music in the USA. I will take the inspiration for him!!

Al Seaforth  - presenter of the jazz & soul radio show Mondays & Fridays at 1pm, Al’s musical journey to the radio airwaves started in 2009. Born in Washington DC , it was at a very young age that he developed his musical taste.   He is noted for the unique style that he brought in playing soul music and jazzy tunes. Be sure to tune in.

Paul Rochester - presenter of the Paul Rochester Soul Food To Go,  Rochie, has a great knowledge of soul music & presents it in his own unique style. You can hear him on Wednesday at 2pm or Thursday at 8pm

Clive Brady  - started his career as a live events DJ in the very hot summer of 1976 before becoming a London club DJ in 1980. Today his classic jazz funk and soul show airs on Sundays from 2am with  his mix of rare groove tunes from the 70s & 80s

Professor T Love - presenter of A Bowl Of Soul, A Mixed Stew Of Soul, this lady has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to soul music. The show’s premise is to educate listeners about the roots and influences of Rhythm & Blues by giving listeners a history lesson on the artist, composers, arrangers, singers and songwriters who have contributed and continue to contribute to this genre of music. So join her Tuesdays at 12 midday.

Vibin wit J Baby - presenter of two shows on The Surrey Hills Train, from his Syrup City Soul program comes the southern soul sizzlers show on Wednesdays at 10am. J Baby's Love Songs goes out on a Sundays  at 11pm to ease the end to your weekend. J Baby loves his soulful RnB as well as the southern soul and specializes in the 80s groove.

Melvin Jordan II - presents the Gospel Vibrations, the fastest 60 minutes of gospel every Sunday at 8am, this uplifting shows will get you in the mood for the start of your Sunday morning. Melvin also presents the famous heavystorm quiet storm show on a Saturdays from 10 pm & Mondays and Fridays from 2am, playing the smoothest relaxing loving songs around. Melvins musical knowledge in soul & gospel is second to none with over 30 years in broadcasting,Melvin is so excited to join our family here.

Tyrone DuBose - presenter of Timeless Traxx on Fridays at 1 midday, he is considered Americas premier

R & B Music Historian, radio host and music expert. Listeners will be familiar with the distinctive bass-baritone voice of the Cincinnati, Ohio.

On the show, he shares unknown facts and commentary about these legendary artists, and educate music lovers about the behind-the-scenes facts of their favourite recording artists.  The show has featured a plethora of artists including James Brown, Martha Wash, Hi-Five, Howard Hewitt, Kashif, Yarborough and Peoples, CeCe Pennistion, The Manhattans, The Chi-Lites, Kenny Lattimore, After 7, and Deborah Cox just to name a few.

Shonda English - presenter of The Old Landmark on Sundays at 1pm, a gospel show with a difference,  a Boston-native Shonda is a multi-gifted artist who is able to compose traditional music to satisfy the most conservative church-goers and then turn around and whip up an equally matched urban-style gospel cut to make the young generation get their praise on!  An organist, pianist, percussionist, singer, choral conductor, and composer, she is no stranger to the stage and is known for high energy performances that usually prompt the audience to get on their feet.

Tina E - presnter of The Smooth Jazz wekends on Saturday morning at 9am, it's the prefect breakfast remedy. As well as a presenter & a love love for smooth jazz music, Tina composes music that adds value to your Narrative, Documentary, Gaming, Promotional, Training, Advertising, Film, TV and other audiovisual presentations, by making them better, more memorable, more exciting, and therefore more effective. She helps producers deliver their message.

Will Downing - The Prince of Sophisticated Soul joins us our family for the Wind Down show on Thursdays at 7pm. Will needs no introduction to the soul music scene.  With a career that spans over 30 years and 21 albums, Will Downing is one of the most versatile and loved voices of our time.  His distinctive baritone voice has resonated in the hearts of women world-wide and carved a unique niche in the music marketplace. With fresh melodies and lush arrangements that satisfy all musical palates, he continues to serve his fan base through his own Sophisticated Soul record label and sold out tour dates across the country. His latest release entitled "Romantique Part" was released in November 2019.

Ron Davis -  presenter of The RBBR Saturdays at 1pm, Ron brings you the best in southern soul & blues music with news and interviews, Ron is part of The Southern Soul Radio Network. 

Lady Mamalade - presenter of Mamalade4Soul, she is often called the ambassador for indie artists. Her show  presents a fantastic mix of Indie Soul and Funk artists, along with some Motown and Old School music. She began working in internet radio back in 2007 and has a passion for Barry White, so watch out. Hear her show every Wednesday at 2am.

Koal Bee - presenter of Sneaker54, it was established in 1976 when a group of friends got together and decided they had to do something about the lack of good West end clubs that played Jazz,Funk & Soul music. They found that in order to gain entry into clubs they would need to dress in suits, pay extortionate entrance fees, and then have to listen to pop music for hours until the DJ decided to play the odd Soul tune at the end of the night, Koal has now put this right by playing his own style of Jazz, Funk & Soul, hear him occasionally on the station.  Check our Facebook page when Koal will be on.

The Taxman - Breaking Artists has been producing a weekly Top 20 Indie Soul Chart since 2010. The aim is very simple, to showcase the very best in unsigned independent urban soul artists and their music. Each week Taxman gives you 2 hours of Independent Soul flava via The Independent Chart Show Tuesday at 10pm, which includes 2 sweeps of back to back neo and independent soul flavas and the Top 20 countdown. Once a month we dispense with the chart and turn back the hands of time to feature 2 hours of indie soul from recent years

Brenda Moss aka Lady Diva - presenting her show, Let's Jazz It Up on Wednesdays at 4am, Brenda will be interviewing some of the biggest names around in the soul & smooth jazz world.  

Brenda has a great knowledge of the music scene and has helped to promote many artists over the years. 

Dean Anderson -  presenter of The Sound Of Soul on Tuesdays at 7pm,  Dean has a wealth of knowledge and passion for 60's Northern and Rare Soul music and is well respected within the soul circles for the last 40 years. The show will showcase the very best in soul from the 60’s 70’s, 80’s & even more recent times. Dean will chat with guests involved in the soul scene from all over the world  and listen out for "My Life In 10 Records" with the listeners contributing to 10 records of their lives!Dean has a wealth of knowledge on soul music and is well respected within the soul circles for the last 40 years.

Delphine - presenter of Be The Light, Delphine was born in Virginia and only recently started in podcasting.  She has been banking business for more than 20 years and has a passion for mending different types of fabric into exclusive creations.  She is a firm believer and  while coping with the costs of a domestic life filled with anxiety, trepidation, & devastation, Delphine is embodied by the heart and mind of the Almighty, and she has a fervent desire to serve Him.  God has laid the groundwork and has flung the door of opportunity opened for the next chapter of her life to be a part of “The Surrey Hills Soul Train” radio network to share her story and inspiration and to help enlighten others about the true word of God. Join her 5am every Thursday & Friday.

Nicolas Ripoll - presenter at Playasol Radio in Ibizia, Nicolas has a passion for Staxx Records and also James Brown, so don't be surpised if alot of his shows contain these.  Check out his show every Thursday morning at 4am, get up early!!!

Gary Fuston - presenter of the Indie Live Spot, Gary & his team each week interview an artist who is hitting the headlines at the time.  the show can be heard on Thursdays at 10am.  Gary owns GHP in America .

Clebar Brankello - a music presenter & DJ, Clebar brings us a show called Negras Melodias (Black Melodies) from Brazil every Thursday morning at 2am, although presented in Portuguese which I know you all may not be able to understand, the music content is first class, Clebar says 'you will be surprised at how good the Brazilian music scene is'. 

Chris Anderton - presenter of A Dab Of Soul Fridays at 7pm, Chris specialises in crossover 70s soul by artists such as Margie Joseph, Sandra Wright, 7th Wonder, Darrow Fletcher and The Dramatics., Chis also features guest selections.  He also owns Midas Touch records, a gold mine for record collectors.

Ady Crampton - presenter of 'The 70s Soul Show, Ady recalls how his love for music started, while I can listen to pretty much anything, the Mod revival introduced me to soul music as school discos began to play Motown and soul alongside 60s beat and ska instead of pop. By 1983 I was immersed in the UK scooter scene and began attending rallies around the country at which ex-Wigan Casino DJs played their records at the all-nighters there. There was so much music played that I hadn’t heard before. Of course, there was a record bar conveniently placed in the venue which saw my record collection increase, although never as much as my wants list. Catch his show on Saturdays at 5pm.

Black Mary - all the way from Brazil, she creates her own unique mixes of the latest soul grooves, check out her show every Thursday morning at 1am, stay up and be amazed.......

Stuie Bacon - presents Stax of Soul every Monday from 9pm. Stuie first caught the bug for soul at the Southport weekenders. As a presenter and vinyl collector for 30 years, radio has always been in his blood from staying up to the early hours to listen to shows and  presenting his own. 

Jose Luzio - presenter of The Boogie Station Show every Friday night, taking you into Saturday morning  , Jose from France works on a French radio station, his passion is for those 70s & 80s grooves and he ready to bring them to the UK and spread the love on The Surrey Hills Soul Train, keep groovin Jose!!

Erdine Hope -  presenter of a new show EarCandy on Sunday morning from 12 am, Erdine is from Toronto Canada and brings to our family an eclectic mix of all the genres of black american music from soulful classics, rap, R&B and much more.  Erdine passion is helping those vunerable people in this world & uses music to pull them together.

Tosha Renee - presenter of Hole in The Wall, the best in southern soul grooves for a Sunday night, playing new and old, Tosha will get your body moving parts younnever you you had, so join her every Sunday from 7pm.

Clive Henderson - presenter of Soul Satisfaction, Clive has played records for longer than he can remember, but started as a DJ in the late 1970s. He has always loved the radio and started broadcasting in the early 2000s. His long running show, is an unpredictable blend of all things soulful, spanning the decades from the 1950s to the present. Join Clive every Friday from 9pm for some great soul tunes. You can contact him on his face book page, Soul Satisfaction.

Harry Grundy - started attending the Golden Torch & The Blackpool Mecca in the early 70s where he got hooked on our wondeful music.  In 1991, he started his own soul nights and 29 years later he is still going strong.  In 2013, Harry was honoured to win the prestigious ‘Sweet Soul Music’ Award in Porretta, Italy where he  read his acceptance speech in Italian to over 3,000 people.  Harry says he is still as passionate about soul music as the day he walked into the Torch all those years ago. So join him and sample his favourites from those magical years every Monday at 10pm.

Anthony Quailey - aka Frenchy, he brings us the Soulful Eclectic VIP Lounge, 4hours of the best soulful music as well as interviews with indie artists making the headlines with their latest releases, Anthony has been on the scene for many years in the west Midlands area and has a huge following.  You can join him through the night on Saturday morning at 2am.

Ian Smith - presenter of The Smooth Urban Soul radio Show, he began to DJ in 1991 after spending 2 years under the wing of a new collective of DJ’s & MC’s in Manchester. Ian has held residencies since then throughout  Manchester, playing at clubs, bars and events. As a former singer songwriter, lead vocalist and bass guitarist, Ian has a deep love of the very nuts and bolts of soul and r’n’b and enjoys playing quality recordings almost as much as he enjoyed performing as an artist. Join Ian every Sunday from 4pm.

Jamie Stocker - presenter  of the Funk 'n Soul Show every Saturday at 3pm. Jamie has been a presenter for nearly a decade on Community Radio he fell in love with Funk and Soul after looking into the origins of some dance tracks he used to play on his Saturday night Dance Show, moving into a Soul Show 3 years ago and earlier this year.  With regular guests & playing a mix of classic Funk and Soul, finding rare grooves along the way and a focus on playing new musicians flying the flag for the whole genre providing a wide selection.

Peo Fucci - all the way from Italy comes Peo presenting his choice of the latest soulful sounds that get the Italians grooving and dancing. Peo actually runs his own radio station bit wanted to share his show to a wider audience hence joining the soul train 'family' Catch his show Wednesday night/Thursday morning from 12 midnight, stay awake & check him out.

DJ Eric - presenter of Fan De Funk, Eric's show is really funky. From the shores of France, Eric presents his unique style of funky memories from the 70s & 80s every Monday mornings from 12am, why not stay up, put the crystal ball up and boogie!!

Smiley J - presents The Artist Zone, a platform dedicated to independent artists where they can share their music journey, discuss new music & upcoming live shows whilst also expanding their fan base. Catch her show every Thursday in the drivetime show from 5pm.

The Professor  - joins or very own Professor T Love to bring you a special show every Friday at 11pm. They are the hosts of Love, Sex & Relationships, a show that helps couples & individuals explore & understand sexuality, sexual dysfunction & how to have intimate communication with their partners.

Shanthra Sparks - want to be inspired, wake up to Shanthra every Monday morning from 5am.  Shanthra is a motivational speaker whose passion is to coach, support, and encourage others.  She assists men, women and children in working through their challenges and travels the country to inspire, inform, and impact people to rise up and walk in their purpose with confidence.

Gina Carey - presents her new show Glorious Grooves every Tuesday at 5am playing some great gospel grooves, old & new. Gina was born in Chicago & raised in Los Angeles CA, she is a woman of many talents. With over 20 years of experience in the Entertainment industry, Gina has made many accomplishments and is a jack of many trades. Known by her peers as superwoman, she has recorded and produced over 14 Gospel & Soul CDs and singles and has written, produced, directed, filmed, and edited several independent films, both feature, and shorts.

Bob Baldwin - needs no introduction, an American born, contemporary  jazz pianist, music composer, author, radio host and creator of the New Urban Jazz Lounge, and music producer. Bob learned music from his late father (Robert Baldwin, Sr.) when he was six, and his recording career started in 1983. His debut album, A Long Way to Go, was released in 1988, & has since recorded over 30 albums.  Join Bob every Thursday  from 11am to hear his selection of both new & classics tracks.

DJ Prone - Andrew 'Prone' Sedman joins us for his popular show every Monday night/Tuesday morning at 12 midnight. He has been spinning since 1984 primarily as a first generation UK B-Boy, Scratch DJ, Record Digger, Hip Hop producer, and graffiti artist. The first sets started down at the school youth club but took him worldwide and he soon expanded his knowledge playing Soul, Funk, Jazz , Latin & a whole 'mixed bag'. 'Prone' has warmed up for greats such as Roy Ayers, Crusaders, Tom Brown, & Gwen McCrae.

Doug Williams & Will Downing - presenters of The Showgram present a mix of music old & new, interviews & general banter every Tuesday morning from 10 am.  Will already presenter of The Wind Down needs no further introduction.  Doug Williams, presenter and president of QBP Media, which does radio production, marketing, consulting as well as being home to smooth jazz radio station QJAZZ.

Bobby Parker - award winning presenter Spreads the love of Christ through great gospel music. You can also find out the latest in gospel and entertainment news. He will bring his show every Sunday from 9am. The show broadcasts around the world on various gospel radio stations. 

Gary Prescott - he has been a soul and vinyl enthusiast over 35 years & from North west England.  The soul train brings you the musical journey from the late 60s to early 90s across many genres. Crossover to Contemporary, Modern to Sweet/Deep, along with the finest Rare Groove to Steppers. So join the train ride every Wednesday night at 9pm.

Kevin N Williams -  is the presenter of "The Smooth and Jazzy Countdown with Kevin Williams." The program gives listeners the 20 hottest Smooth and Jazzy cuts of the week, and provides fun facts about the artists. A veteran of 30 plus years in the radio industry, Kevin has hosted many events including the Hampton Jazz Festival, Steel City Jazz Festival and the Jazz in the Park concert series just to name a few. Catch the new chart every Saturday from 10am.

Tyrone Lowe - DJ, producer, remixer, Tyrone has been in the music industry for 30 years, playing all the major clubs in New York.  He presents his show here called The legends.  The show consists of interviewing major celebrities & indie artists. He is looking forward to 2021 developing new platforms.  Join Tyrone every Friday at 5pm during our drivetime show.

Ron V - Ron started out as a mobile/club DJ in the early 80's and his passion for radio led him to attend broadcasting school in Washington DC. and change careers in his 40's from law enforcement to broadcasting He landed an internship and job as the local morning show producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show in Washington DC. He hosted an oldies show (Magic Memories) on Sunday afternoon and took it to the number 1 position for 15 years. Join Ron every Sunday from 4am.

Andrea B - join Andrea  for her new  show, Andrea B's Vocal Sounds from Wednesday at 7pm GMT.  Andrea hails from New Mexico, but resides in Houston, TX. Coming from a musical family where "everybody" sings, Andrea B. has been influenced by Gospel, jazz, R&B, Soul, and all kinds of Hispanic music. That eclectic smooth jazz blend can be felt in every song Andrea B. presents.

Kim Scott -  released her debut album of jazz music for flute in 2011 entitled “Crossing Over”, which received high acclaim. She has since become well-known for her exceptional tone, intoxicating melodies, and flawless technique on the flute. Kim Scott released her sophomore CD, “Rite of Passage” in May of 2013. The debut single, “Golden” and the follow-up single “Block Party” Since then, she has not looked back on her solo career.  She also finds time to present for us her Block Party Radio show every Wednesday at 12pm.

Rich Brand - Rich's love for soul and jazz music has been undeniable as he grew up in Los Angeles, CA. From making his first Quiet Storm mixtape at 11 and picking up piano/keyboard by ear in the church at 16, music has been his first love for as long as he can remember. By day he is a management consultant, and he began to make mixtapes and upload them online to maintain his balance of work and "play". What started off as a periodic mixtape back in 2014 then evolved into a full on radio show in 2016, where he has been doing it ever since out of Southern Florida. Rich will be your bar tender every Thursday from 10pm. Make sure you have a glass in hand!

Glyn Williams - Glyn was a regular at Wigan Casino all nighters as well as many other soul clubs around the country.  Northern Soul became his passion which lead him to be an avid record collector. He started as a DJ at the age of 7 with his brother. From the age of 13, he was working in night clubs which lead to slots on local radio & subsequently started his own statin Valley Radio. Glyn has run many soul events attracting over 800 soul lovers every month.

Glyn's knowledge of all eras of soul is second to none. Glyn presents The A to Z of northern Soul every Wednesday from 11am & his Silky Soul Soul every Saturday from 7pm.

DJ Mistri - has been presenting Electric Soul on his own platform for many years now, he is bringing his style of soul, RnB, Soulful House & Soulful Hip Hop to the Surrey Hills Soul Train every Wednesday from 11pm, check this electrifying show.

Jureesa McBride - The Duchess of Soul is here every Tuesday from 9pm. Jureesa, singer/songwriter/entertainer/CEO of JSSRecords. The Duchess started singing around 9 years ago & has shared the stage with the blues & soul greats like Benny Latimore, Bobby Rush & Trudy Lynn to name but a few. So join her for the best in Blues & Soul every week.

Gwendolyn P Harris -  a lover of music  , she was introduced to music  at the age of six thanks to her mother who was a musician(violinist) and a school teacher

in the Philadelphia Public School system.

Gwendolyn . played in many bands and orchestras throughout her elementary, high school and college years . She started playing the violin at the age of six and then learned to play the clarinet ,organ and finally ended up playing the flute and piccolo in the Hampton University Marching Band, Concert Band and Pep Band. She loves her alma mater Hampton University, which is one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCU) and

takes pride that she was part of such a great organization and institution. She believes that music education and the arts should remain in the schools.

Gwendolyn wears many hats and is in the Healthcare field . She is the owner and CEO of Elite Events by Mulata, LLC which is an event coordinating business and she is the owner and CEO of SJ Diva Productions, LLC, which promotes smooth jazz concerts and other shows.

An avid smooth jazz lover, she is the Founder and CEO of the Facebook group Hawaii Smooth Jazz Lovers(Smooth Jazz in Paradise )  Join her every Wednesday from 12 midnight and ease your way to sleep.

Marc Anthony - presenter of Truth Music every Sunday at 9pm, Marc is a talented, experienced & creative radio presenter as well as club DJ & producer with a true passion for our music.  During his long & illustrious career as a radio presenter, DJ, & Producer, Marc continues to develop & demonstrate his diverse style & knowledge of music, breaking cultural barriers with all generations. 

Johnnie Walker - The heartbeat of women in music, join her every Monday morning from 10am where she highlights the success of women in the music industry. Women Who Jam! is a multi-cultural, multi-genre music experience and promotional platform that connects artists, fans and music through live showcases, radio programming and targeted marketing. make a date every Monday morning.

Jonathan S Young - presenter of 7 Flavors of Smooth Jazz on Sundays at 11am . Jonathan is program director of his own station JPRG Radio which broadcasts Jazz & gospel style shows.  He has a wide knowledge in both genres of music & presents in his own unique style.

Don Warren - At the age of 16, Don began working in the radio business as a weekend DJ on WEUP.  Over the years, I worked as a DJ at several local radio stations in the area including WTAK and WDJL. I have met and interviewed artists such as James Brown and Jean Knight. I have promoted concerts for several local artists including Elain Tibbs-Rice, Terry Townsend, and Athens-Limestone Mass Choir. I have also promoted concerts for several national artists including The Mississippi Mass Choir, Dorothy Norwood, and the Williams Brothers. I am currently the host of a weekly gospel radio program on 98.1 called Don Warren’s Gospel Live where I continue working to spotlight both local and national artists. I established the DonMar Group, LLC ten years ago. In 2018, a book scholarship was awarded to a local minority student who attends an accredited college or university. I am a member of The American Legion and a lifetime member of Disabled American Veterans. I also serve as a Deacon at Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.   Join Don every Thursday from 5am.

The Urban Influencer Team - join the Urban Influencer team James Lewis, Terry Bello & Eugene Brown for music and conversation with artists in the spotlight as well as the top 5 charts from the world of rap, RnB & gospel. Join the team every Monday from 11am

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