• Are you going through a painful Soul Mate breakup?

    Has your soul collided with another & derailed you?


    Going through a tunnel of despair after leaving a soul mate or twin flame?


    Has your soul mate left you stranded on the platform, unlikely to return?


    Have you ever stopped at the station to understand why you have met?

  • What is The Soul Train?


    The Soul Train is for individuals whose twin & soul mate connections have been de-railed.


    As your Soul Train Coaches™ we are holding a one day workshop to help you recover from a separation or break up. We will create a platform for processing emotions, help you understand your connection, give you support & find steps to get you back on track.


    The next Soul Train Workshop™ boards on October 14th 2017 & the ticket office is now open further down this website page to book your place.


    The Soul Mate Connection

    We will help you understand more about your experience


    Meeting someone who you have an intense, deep, soulful & unexplainable connection with, can engineer a whole chain of unexpected events. At first this encounter can feel magical, synchronistic, enchanting, divine, loving & exciting, you believe you are destined to be together!


    So you both jump aboard this amazing & magical ride, the destination is unknown, its full of twists, turns & tunnels.


    As it gathers momentum you have no choice, you know that you MUST go with this journey no matter where it takes you, no matter what others say.




    The Journey

    But what if you miss your connection & are no longer together or experiencing separation from your soul mate?


    It can leave you feeling confused, lost, bewildered, broken-hearted, shattered, desperate, lonely & questioning everything, because sometimes it just doesn't work out the way we thought. This can be the most challenging part, when you are left in unbearable & irrational pain.


    Yet, there is always a gift, a very deep learning experience & opportunity to grow when you understand the purpose of your connection & you begin to recover.


    The re-union with your soul mate or twin soul often means a re-union with yourself & we are here to support you.

    The Understanding - The Soul Train Grief Stages™

    Gratitude + Anger +"Push Me / Pull Me" + Runner + Pain + Acceptance


    We'll provide you with the understanding & support which you need to journey through your soul mate grief stages.


    This diagram made both of us laugh out loud, because it's spot on!

    The soul mate grieving process is not linear! It's chaotic, it's painful, it's unpredictable & we both wish we'd received support to guide us through it!


    The Processing - Space to express your emotions

    Sad, Angry, Fearful, Tired & Surprised are just a few of the emotions


    We'll provide a safe, compassionate space to help you express & process the myriad of emotions which arise when facing a soul mate derailment. We've chosen our retreat venue, nestled in the beautiful Malvern Hills, with nurturing in mind.



    The Recovery - Signposts to get you back on track

    Support available before, during and after the retreat


    Following your booking you'll receive a one hour's Skype session from either David or Lynette, where you'll be given support and guidance straight away.


    A soul mate derailment is painful and we strongly feel that a session before the retreat is essential. The retreat itself will be healing & we'll be providing many signposts towards your next healing steps from our own experiences. We'll be available for further optional individual sessions if you feel these would be useful for you after you have attended the retreat.

  • What's Involved in The Workshop?

    The opportunity to talk, listen, laugh, cry, connect, explore, understand, release, move, write, draw, meditate, express, create & just 'be'


    You can use the platform to meet other like minded people who have had similar experiences


    We provide a safe space for you to share, learn, process, grieve & heal


    The Soul Train Webinar

    This Soul Train Webinar will give you the opportunity to hear our story of why The Soul Train has been launched, for individuals whose twin & soul mate connections have been de-railed.

    We will talk about our experiences of being left in unbearable and irrational pain when your soulmate relationship breaks up. How it can leave you feeling confused, lost, bewildered, broken-hearted, shattered, lonely & questioning everything.

    We will discuss The Soul Train Grief Stages™ of Gratitude + Anger +"Push Me / Pull Me" + Runner + Pain + Acceptance.

    The purpose of The Soul Workshop™ October 14th 2017 set in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the Malvern Hills will be shared. Along with what kind of activites will take place and what the outcome might be for the participants.

    To purchase your ticket for The Soul Train Workshop™ October 14th 2017 go to the bottom of this website

    This will be a time for you to acknowledge the tragedy of your soul mate breakup & allow a space to find the beauty of yourself


    "If you can't even save the one you love, how can you save yourself?"
    Finding the beauty in break-ups is touching the realisation that the one you seek to save in your romantic relationship is yourself
    Know that this possibility is always open to you
    And you can find this through the fall out of the break up.
    ....However, first let us acknowledge the tragedy of the break-up.

    Anger is a part of the soul mate derailment journey

    "And who do you think you are?
    Runnin' 'round leaving scars
    Collecting your jar of hearts
    And tearing love apart"

    There's deep, searing pain resulting from the split with your Soul Mate

    "And if you leave me now
    You'll take away the very heart of me.

    A love like ours is love that's hard to find
    How could we let it slip away?"

  • Who We Are

    We're The Soul Train Coaches™, who have journeyed through our own tunnels of soul mate despair.

    No, we're not a 'couple', but we do feel we have been brought together to empower your soul mate healing journey....

    David Wetton

    Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counsellor & Soul Train Coach™

    Lynette says: "Although my twin soul connection was only brief, David understood the profound importance of the life changing experience it brought about, especially when it abruptly stopped in its tracks. He totally related to the derailment of my life after this event (which was of an epic scale), and which was frantically followed by the searching of every corner of my soul to piece myself back together again and make sense of it all.


    Speaking to David was a blessing, I could finally share my experience, my learning, my pain, my journey and my recovery, with someone who 'got it' at a very deep level! It was inevitable our destination was to support others through this process on the Soul Train Retreat.


    David has the most amazing mind, he is like an encyclopedia of spiritual knowledge and I feel honoured to work alongside him on this retreat. He has been through a very deep, beautiful, divine and equally painful journey with his soul mate. He will most certainly bring his honesty, vulnerability, gentle presence and vast array of insightful information on this subject to this special weekend.





    Lynette Fryer 

    Energy Field / Soul Healer, Therapist & Soul Train Coach™

    David says: "I 'got' Lynette's soul mate derailment story straight away and my heart went out to her, as I resonated with and felt her deep heartbreak through my own soul mate derailment journey.


    I admire her courage in how she managed to get her life back on track, when her family and friends were struggling to understand what was happening, (Which was also my experience, as a soul mate relationship is not a 'normal' relationship and any resulting break up can appear overly dramatic to those who don't understand the deep tunnel of pain involved).


    I've experienced Lynette's highly intuitive work as an energy field healer and she holds a compassionate, professional, grounded, beautiful safe space for healing. I love working alongside her as our talents are complimentary, as is our shared passion to support and empower others going through the deep pain resulting from a split with a soul mate".

    Let our experiences support you

    'Dark Night of The Hurting Soul' by David



    My feelings

    Are gut-achingly real



    Feels bleak

    I am distraught



    I am


    Training and Ethics

    Our Training and Ethical Commitment to You


    David is an ordained One Spirit interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor. He is committed to upholding The One Spirit Interfaith Foundation Code of Ethics which includes maintaining confidentiality, honouring physical boundaries and celebrating honesty. He has completed The Spiritual Psychology Course under the direction of Dr Megan Wagner, Director of Spiritual Psychology at The Chaplaincy Institute in California.


    Lynette has worked with individuals & groups of people for many years. She has studied ancient, traditional, alternative & holistic ways of living. She has undertaken in-depth training in a wide range of therapeutic modalities. She follows a strict ethical Code of Conduct & maintains her Professional Standards. Lynette is a member of The College of Healing & relevant Professional Bodies & Organisations.

  • Testimonials

    We let our heartfelt testimonials speak for themselves

    Paul H

    "David and Lynette have joined forces to offer something deep and profound.


    Based upon their own real life experiences and their strongly held sense of calling, The Soul Train Retreat™ experience will touch, sense and heal wounds whilst opening up each soul present to a deeper place of understanding and strength.


    David's gentle way of holding a space combined with Lynette's deep understanding of energy are sure to create a space that is both sacred and secure.


    I recommend them both unreservedly."

    Hayley C

    "Together David and Lynette bring harmony of the masculine and feminine.

    David is a patient listener who holds a safe/sacred space where you can be really heard. David has a depth of knowledge to help you gain clarity and support with your soul mate experiences.

    Lynette has a warm feminine embrace which understands from many energetic angles and perspectives what is happening in order to help support your soul mate journey."

    Rob S

    "What I love about Lynette is that's she's not just coming from theory, courses and books we've all read! She's actually lived and continues to live the journey.


    She's been to the depth of her soul and because of that I can feel her authenticity which allows myself and others to completely surrender and trust Lynette to take me where I need to go to heal whatever it is I need to heal I myself even in the most painful and darkest places because I know she's been to the dark and brought light to it!!!"

    Reverend Val Needham

    "The forty odd years I worked as an International Spiritual Counsellor and Workshop Leader and the vast diversity of clients that I worked with, taught me that the lessons we glean from the most powerful of life’s challenges are the most important of signposts.


    I have observed David, Reverend Wetton, for nearly a decade now and value him as a friend because of his honesty, his integrity, his intelligence, willingness to open and learn and the Grace with which he has embraced this most powerful of challenges.


    I am delighted to endorse The Soul Train Retreat™ that he and Lynette has chosen to offer together. I see it as an enormous gift not only to all who have the courage to embrace this Healing Journey but also to the wider society who will be enriched by the results."


    Reverend Val Needham
    Founder of the Warriors of Grace.


  • The Soul Train Workshop™ October 14th 2017

    This One Day Workshop set in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the Malvern Hills, is where we will empower you to get your life back on track following a soul mate or twin flame derailment. We will support you to understand more about the soul mate connection and how this can be an amazing opportunity for deep change and spiritual growth.


    The One Day Workshop is a day for individuals who are currently struggling to make sense of what's happening in soul mate or twin flame relationships; or those individuals who have separated from their soul mate or twin flame & would benefit from a safe space to process their grief and find their next steps


    ~ Any queries, please do not hesitate to email or phone either

    David or Lynette via the 'Contact Us' part of this website ~

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If you need to cancel your Soul Train Workshop™ booking after making your payment of £65, you must inform us via e-mail (thesoultrainuk@gmail.com) by no later than October 6th 2017. You are invited to find someone else to take your place. Unfortunately, we're not able to refund you £65 through The Soul Train.

~ Any queries, please do not hesitate to email or phone either
David or Lynette via the 'Contact Us' part of this website ~